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Uni Play is a company bringing happiness to children all around the world. We design, manufacture and install fully safe, aesthetically pleasing and extremely attractive playgrounds.

This brand is packed with various play activities for children of all ages and abilities. It’s great for boosting social interaction and physical activity.

In fact, play is central to children’s learning and development. When children play, it gives them lots of different ways and times to learn. It also helps to build confidence, feel loved, happy and safe; develop social skills, language and communication; learn about caring for others and the environment; develop physical skills.

So Uniplay based around developing a child’s physical abilities, whilst promoting social interaction and skill building. This playground equipment has a modular design which allows you to create configurations tailored to your space and budget.

We root for beautiful and imaginative design that stimulates the child’s unbridled curiosity while encouraging kids to have fun together. Near ly as many as 80 million girls and boys play joyfully on the Uni Play devices in over 50 countries around the globe.

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