TNTY Aqua Fitness – You will never be boring

TNTY Aqua Fitness is a brand of TNTY Group and manufactured in Poland. Recently, the orders for Aqua Fitness Equipment by clients due to the recognition of the equipment’s ability to help properties stand out in an over-saturated market. Furthermore, all of our equipment is designed and recognized by the professional trainer.

Especially with our new in-pool bicycle, treadmill, trampoline and walker products. We designed to be easy to use by all users, easy to regulate, easy to take in and out of the pool and low to no maintenance.

It is accessible to any user, in group sessions or in a private pool. Its takes an advantage of the water element by offering a mild training efficient, and progressive. This is a solution to offer a full range of aquatic activities for professionals to achieve a cardio workout and stay fit.

That’s why you will never be boring!!!

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