We launch brands in different areas, including:

  • TNTY Play – Playground Equipment
  • Aqua Fitness – Water Fitness Equipment
  • Aqua Play – Water Park Equipment
  • Music – Outdoor musical instruments

TNTY Group is proud to offer the most fantastic product lines manufactured and designed by Poland’s industry leaders and the most modern technology available today.

TNTY Group’s mission is to create inspirational products to have fun and practice while bringing many health benefits, physical and mental development for all everybody.


Max Play – A brand of playground equipment from the United States, bringing a new color, a unique experience, more exciting and dynamic than ever. Encourage children of all ages to feel more excited and more active to be physically active.

We’re not just building a play area – We also create an authentic play experience for kids. Max Play playgrounds have the highest quality and safety standards available today and are fully featured and thought-oriented for children’s development.


The Water Odyssey™ division of Fountain People was established in 1996 to provide the market with the highest quality aquatic playground equipment available. As the leading designer and manufacturer of interactive water features in the country, we have been able to bring cutting edge technology to the design of aquatic playgrounds.

Water Odyssey™ products are installed in commercial and municipal facilities across the U.S. and Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Mexico and Canada. All Fountain People and Water Odyssey™ products are made in the USA and are fabricated at our facilities in San Marcos, TX.


Uni Play is a brand of TNTY from Poland. We are bringing happiness to children all around the world. We design, manufacture and install entirely safe, aesthetically pleasing and beautiful playgrounds.

We root for a beautiful and imaginative design that stimulates the child’s unbridled curiosity while encouraging kids to have fun together. Nearly as many as 80 million girls and boys play joyfully on the Uni Play devices in over 50 countries worldwide.


CERIA is a trademark of TNTY Group and manufactured in the UK.  We are here to co-create and shape happier and healthier communities by offering excellent play and sport & fitness solutions for people of all ages and abilities.

When we live active lives, we become happier and healthier, and we perform better. Through play and exercise, we have fun, we learn and develop as individuals and as groups of people. It makes happier and healthier communities across the world.


Human Powered Play prides itself on bringing the most different things, making the impossible possible by bringing fun music, colorful lights into children’s play area equipment. It is how we inspire creativity, the imagination to fly far and wide to children worldwide.

Over the years, we have added different lines of entertainment products and continually improve our products. We can say that our products are entirely new, which is also the playground equipment industry’s future.



Berliner Seifabrik is a long-standing brand in Germany, a pioneer in manufacturing elevator cables, and is famous worldwide. From that foundation, we created and developed wire mesh structures for the first climbing gear in the early ’70s.
Today, with more than 40 years of experience in the children’s playground equipment industry, combined with extensive knowledge of the production of cables, steel, ropes. Berliner has designed a unique landscape architectural work look and always ensures compliance with International Safety Standards.


Green Fit are TNTY Group brands specializing in providing the most professional outdoor playground and fitness equipment today. Leading experts design our products in Sweden.

We are proud to be a leading supplier of playground equipment, outdoor fitness equipment for public parks, outdoor gyms, schools, and hospitals.

We continuously strive to develop and diversify product lines and improve service quality. We are committed to bringing the value and spirit of play, the spirit of sport, in each product.

TNTY GROUP - Green Play


Green Play is a brand of TNTY Group, specializing in providing the most professional outdoor play equipment today. Leading experts design our products in Sweden.

We are proud to be the leading supplier of outdoor playground equipment for public parks, real estate projects, private, schools and hospitals.

We are committed to delivering outstanding value in every product.


Green Floor & TNTY Floor specialize in providing high quality, professional and high-quality EPDM rubber flooring, gym mat, and yoga mats.

Our products make a remarkable difference with beautiful and diverse designs. Besides, we always uphold and ensure the highest quality, durability, and safety for entertainment areas, children’s playgrounds in schools, and hospitals. , training ground, indoor and outdoor sports area.

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