Awaken Children’s Curiosity And Discovery With The Designed Play Area At Cam Ranh Airport With TNTY Group

TNTY Group, specializing in the supply and installation of children’s playground equipment, is honored to participate in the design and introduction of a new playground at Cam Ranh Airport (Nha Trang Airport). With an area of 120m2 (12x10m), this play area is designed with the idea of ​​reimagining the airport area including check-in counters, security gates and airplanes, allowing children to role-play themselves as the staff at the airport.

thiết khu vui chơi trẻ em tại sân bay cam ranh

Combined with the coastal city of Nha Trang, the amusement park is designed with inspiration from the waves of the sea, with curved lines creating blocks that both serve as seats for guests and as models for children to play. In addition, the playground features a model detail inspired by the resident’s fishing boat stylized to become part of the children’s play area.

Besides the models, the playground is also equipped with a number of side games such as seesaws, swings and other movement games to help children have more interesting activities.

khu vui chơi trẻ em cho sân bay

To increase the aesthetics and ensure the safety of children, the materials used in the design of the play area are also carefully selected. Engineered wood, plywood and iron are delicately painted to create unity in style and color. In addition, the seats and play models are covered with PVC faux leather foam and foam floor mats, creating comfort and safety for children when playing.

TNTY Group is very proud to have the opportunity to contribute to creating a safe, interesting and rewarding entertainment space for children at Cam Ranh Airport. This play area not only provides children with hours of exciting entertainment but also helps them develop social and motor skills.

TNTY thiết kế khu vui chơi trẻ em tại sân bay Cam Ranh

The play area is designed with the purpose of creating a rewarding learning and entertainment environment for children while stimulating creativity and brain development of children. With the idea of ​​reimagining the airport area, children will have the opportunity to experience and learn about common procedures and activities at the airport such as check-in, security check and boarding. All these activities are held in a safe and fun space, helping children feel more interested and excited to participate.

When completed, this amusement park is expected to be an ideal destination for families with young children when coming to Nha Trang and is a testament to the creativity and professionalism of TNTY Group in the field of design and supply.

Khu vui chơi cho sân bay

The design of children’s playgrounds at the airport is a very necessary thing, especially for families traveling with young children. The children’s play area is not only a place for entertainment but also a place where children can exercise, and exercise their health and social skills. A few other benefits could be listed such as:

  • Create an entertainment space for children: The children’s play area at the airport will help children have an additional entertainment space, helping them not to feel bored and tired during the flight.
  • Increased convenience for families traveling with children: Parents will not have to worry too much about keeping their children alert while waiting in the airport. Instead, children can be entertained safely and quickly at the children’s play area.
  • Creating customer satisfaction: The construction of a children’s play area at the airport will increase the competitiveness of the airport in attracting customers. Customers will feel more comfortable knowing that the airport has fully prepared entertainment services for children.
  • Creating opportunities to promote brands: The construction of a children’s play area at the airport is also an opportunity for brands to promote their products to customers. In particular, products related to children such as toys, children’s clothes, and baby supplies,… can be promoted at this children’s play area.

The playground at the airport is one of the interesting and attractive places for children, especially when their flight has to wait for a long time. With passion and creativity, TNTY Group has designed many unique play areas at the airport, helping to awaken children’s curiosity and discovery.

TNTY thiết kế khu vui chơi cho sân bay

By creating a fun and colorful play space, TNTY Group has created a perfect environment for children to freely explore and learn about the world around them. With games and activities suitable for all ages, children can learn about different countries’ transportation, landmarks and cultures.

The playground designed by TNTY Group not only meets the entertainment needs of children but also creates a space for parents and children to interact and talk. This makes taking care of children at the airport easier than ever.

In addition, TNTY Group also focuses on the safety and health of children in their play area. All games and activities are designed to ensure the safety of children, while also ensuring hygiene and comfort for them.

Thiết kế cho sân bay một khu vui chơi

Thanks to the creativity and enthusiasm of TNTY Group, the amusement park at the airport has become an attractive destination and helps to awaken children’s curiosity and discovery. With unique games and activities, these play areas are an ideal place for children to experience and learn before starting their new journey.

Not only an amusement park, TNTY Group also considers educational factors. Playgrounds are designed to encourage learning and experience for children. Games and activities are designed to help children develop social and communication skills, which in turn help children become confident and energetic people.

The amusement park designed at the airport by TNTY Group not only brings joy and entertainment to children but also a place to help parents feel secure and secure in taking care of their children while waiting for the flight. fly. This is especially important for families with young children, making traveling or business easier.

TNTY Group promises to create many great playgrounds at the airport, helping to awaken children’s curiosity and discovery. Wishing to bring many benefits to children and families, and will certainly continue to be an attractive destination for future flights.



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