TNTY Supply and installation of outdoor sports equipment in Hoa Thuan Dong ward, Da Nang city

TNTY Supply and installation of outdoor fitness equipment at Park 33 Phan Thanh Tai and community house group 38 in Hoa Thuan Dong ward, Da Nang city

Image of outdoor fitness equipment provided by TNTY GROUP and installed at 33 Phan Thanh Tai Park and community house of group 38 in Hoa Thuan Dong ward, Da Nang city. An ideal training space has been built with high-quality, full-function equipment for back exercises, pull-ups, handshakes, air walking, double shoulder exercises, etc. from the GreenFit brand. Meet the physical training and sports needs of the community.

New fitness space at Park 33 Phan Thanh Tai and community house of group 38, Hoa Thuan Dong ward. Thanks to the support of TNTY GROUP, Park 33 Phan Thanh Tai and community house of group 38 in Hoa Thuan Dong ward, Da Nang city have now taken on a new look with a modern sports training area. big, comfortable.

Diverse outdoor fitness equipment system

  • Abdominal training equipment helps strengthen core muscles, improve posture and reduce the risk of back pain.
  • The parallel bar supports exercises that develop the muscles of the arms, shoulders and chest.
  • The hand shaker helps strengthen arm and shoulder muscles and improves coordination.
  • The aerial treadmill provides effective cardiovascular training, burns calories and improves overall health.
  • The double arm and shoulder exercise equipment effectively supports arm, shoulder and chest exercises.

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All fitness equipment comes from the GreenFit brand

  • GreenFit is a reputable brand in the field of providing outdoor fitness equipment.
  • GreenFit products are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and safety for users.
  • Modern design, elegant colors, suitable for any space.

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Benefits for the community

  • Providing an ideal training environment for local people, contributing to improving health and quality of life.
  • Encourage everyone to participate in regular exercise and sports, creating an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Enhance exchanges and community engagement, contributing to building a civilized and safe residential area.

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TNTY GROUP commits

  • Providing high quality products and professional services.
  • Dedicated consulting, installation and warranty support.
  • Accompanying the community in developing the sports movement.

With the investment in a modern training equipment system, TNTY GROUP hopes that local people will have more motivation to exercise, improve their quality of life and work towards a healthy, cultured community. bright. Join TNTY to create more outdoor exercise fields for the goal of a healthy Vietnam!

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