Leader’s Message

Welcome to TNTY Group. As the Director, I am proud of our work and how we go about doing it.  Safety is the core of everything we do and remains our number one priority.  Our safety culture is deeply rooted in our overall business strategy. We are committed to providing the necessary resources and support to ensure each child and everybody has fun and safe after playing our equipment.

TNTY Group has become a leader in playground equipment provider. Our customers have recognized TNTY Group for its quality work, equipment and commitment to safety.

The playground equipment business continues to evolve, yet TNTY Group’s commitment to being the best partner remains constant. We strive to use the most modern, efficient and environmentally friendly technology. Our experienced employees continue to research and develop new techniques to be more efficient. We regularly upgrade and invest in our facilities to make sure they operate efficiently, cleanly and safely. We do it all for an excellent reason: our children breathe the same air and play the same playground as your children.


Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh


TNTY Construction Company

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